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Funeral or memorial

One thing that is sometimes overlooked when planning a celebration is the difference between a funeral and a memorial. In simple terms a funeral is the term used when the body is present for the celebration; conversely a memorial is a celebration when the body is not present. In the case of a memorial the burial or cremation may take place either before or after the service. In the case of a memorial some families may choose to have the ashes present at the service.


If you are planning a funeral at an alternative venue it is important to consider the role that having the coffin or casket present will play in the celebration. It is also important to remember that necessary reverence and care be shown to the body in the way it is handled and in relation to where it is to be placed. In relation to legal aspects having the body at the funeral presents no particular problem, however permits for gatherings will still need to be obtained from relevant local authorities. Having the deceased present can help make the celebration a more poignant event and also help with closure for many people.


Whether or not you are planning a funeral or memorial at an alternative location, Life Celebration Funerals can help you design and deliver a tribute that honours the special life that was theirs which was shared with you. The tribute will leave you with that uplifting event it should be.


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