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At Life Celebration Funerals say a special “goodbye”

If you have decided on a viewing or visitation there are various places and times this can be done. The choice is yours, each with its own restrictions and requirements. The more common options are listed for your review. However we can accommodate your special requests.

Funeral home
If you choose a private or invitation only viewing this is best done at our funeral home. The afternoon or evening before the funeral is the usual choice. This allows private time to be spent to say personal goodbyes. The major advantage with this method is that there are no time constrains. Your personal arranger will meet and look after you during this special time.

In a church
Certain religions require a vigil to be held the night before the funeral. At this time the viewing will be held and specific prayers recited according to the specific funeral rite. This may be a private or public event and should be discussed with your clergy. The church will also offer a suitable venue if a large number of people are attending.

Prior to service
Some family and friends may only be arriving the day of the funeral service; in these situations a viewing can arranged immediately prior to the service. It is also now common that people other than immediate family and close friends may want to pay their personal respects; a viewing prior to the service is a convenient way of achieving this. There are however two potential drawbacks with viewing at this time, it may not be as private as you may like and strict time limits may be required particularly if the funeral is being held at the crematorium.

Our professional funeral services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us now on 9683 5456.

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Life Celebration Funerals staff is available any hour on the night or day to help at this most difficult time. Call us now.Our staff is available any hour on the night or day to help at this most difficult time. Call us now.

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