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Our Funeral Celebrants


Call Life Celebration Funerals on 9683 5456 so we can hear about the type of person you would like to officiate the funeral service of your loved one.


We have a number of exceptionally talented male and female celebrants who officiate our funerals and are committed to helping you have a service which is personalised and special. 


The celebrant will design every aspect of the funeral service in order to achieve a service that celebrates and commemorates the life of your family member or loved one that personally reflects that very special life. A few days prior to the funeral you will meet with our celebrant to plan the service. This meeting will develop the style and substance of your personally arranged funeral service. The more input that comes from the family or close personal friend helps make the life celebration funeral a fitting tribute for a meaningful and full life.


The day of the funeral you will meet the celebrant before the funeral to discuss any last minute changes and final details. This personal meeting, together with your personal funeral arranger and conductor secures you have familiarity at the funeral.


If you’re worried about the choice of celebrant, don’t be. If after your initial meeting with the celebrant you want to change that’s no problem. We have several to choose from and we are happy to provide you with another. As yet it hasn’t happened but the offer is available.


Our professional funeral services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us now on 9683 5456.

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Unable to attend the funeral service? email directly to family
Life Celebration Funerals staff is available any hour on the night or day to help at this most difficult time. Call us now.Our staff is available any hour on the night or day to help at this most difficult time. Call us now.

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