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Pre Paid Funeral Plan

What is Pre Planning?

Pre planning a funeral occurs in two specific circumstances each with their own specific applications. Future Planning allows people to look to the future. Many families don’t discuss their personal wishes. Pre planning allows you to set down personal wishes, thus clearly advising your family and loved ones. Some of the items that may be set out include burial or cremation, Church or crematorium and location of the funeral. Other items may include:

  • Religious or Life Celebration Funeral
  • Flowers
  • Type of coffin or casket
  • Press notice
  • Order of service
  • DVD Presentation
  • Transportation
  • Viewing
  • Music
  • Personal wishes

Individual wishes can be documented and held either in our files or you own personal documents. While these may be changed at the time of the funeral, it helps families at the time of making funeral arrangement in the future. Our years of experience have shown that many families don’t know or are unclear as to personal wishes of the deceased. Pre planning can help at this difficult time. 

Terminal circumstances

In many situations families are expecting a death of their family member or loved one. During this time you can expect the full range of human emotions. Some people may choose to discuss the funeral arrangements during this time. Life Celebration Funerals is available for these discussions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.


 What is Pre Paying?

Pre paying of the funeral is the next step in the process. In this case you can pre pay for the funeral at current prices. This locks in your funeral costs against future price rises. Money collected is placed into a Funeral Bond backed by major banks. The bond is in the client name if favour of the funeral director and can only be redeemed on the production of a Death Certificate. A pre-paid funeral gives the family peace of mind that at least the financial aspects have been covered.

Pre paying for the funeral gives peace of mind for you, your family and loved ones. The burden of the funeral is then relieved from the family. 
Likewise additional stress can be reduced at the time the death occurs. Also all choices, selections and arrangements are your own giving peace of mind. Pre paying is a matter that shown be discussed, if you are considering pre paying for your funeral please call us direct for an informal no obligation discussion. In addition, it should be noted that pre paying a funeral will also help in reducing the asset position of pensioners in relation to their assets wealth. 


Our professional funeral services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us now on 9683 5456.

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Life Celebration Funerals staff is available any hour on the night or day to help at this most difficult time. Call us now.Our staff is available any hour on the night or day to help at this most difficult time. Call us now.

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