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Sydney Crematoria

Places for Cremation

Life Celebration Funerals Sydney has a range of cremation cost options available. We also have a flexible funeral finance option available if required. If you would like a cremation cost, contact us on 9683 5456

We conduct services at all crematoria available in Sydney including:

  • Northern Suburbs Crematorium 
  • Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium
  • Castlebrook Memorial Park and Crematorium 
  • Pinegrove Memorial Park and Crematorium 
  • Forest Lawn Memorial Park and Crematorium 
  • Rookwood Crematorium 
  • Mother or Mercy Crematorium 
  • Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park and Crematorium 
  • Woronora General Cemetery and Crematorium 


Today at least 50% of all funeral services in New South Wales are cremations. Services can be held in either the crematorium chapel which are all well equipped with current technology or at a church followed by cremation. At Life Celebration Funerals Sydney we can advise on all available crematoria, facilities available and various requirements.


Alternatively funeral services can be held at many other locations which offer unique and special Life Celebration alternatives:

  • The family home
  • Parks and beaches (subject to approval)
  • Function centre
  • On a boat
  • Any special location to you

In addition to the standard documentation for a burial, an additional doctor's certificate or Coroners Permit are required for cremation. We will attend to theses as part of our funeral planning process.


Call now on 9683 5456. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Life Celebration Funerals staff is available any hour on the night or day to help at this most difficult time. Call us now.Our staff is available any hour on the night or day to help at this most difficult time. Call us now.

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