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Committal & Closure

Committal & Closure, Life Celebration Funerals, Sydney

One of the most difficult aspects of funerals is the fact that your loved one, family member or friend has gone and that you will not see them again. “Closure” is the term used to describe the separation and farewell. “Committal” is the word used to describe the physical separation from the one you are leaving behind.


The committal can take many forms, lowering of the casket into the grave, closing of a curtain or the casket being wheeled away to name a few. The committal that you wish to use must be individual and person to you. Please discuss this very important aspect of the funeral during the arrangement conference.


Please note that while we are not grief counsellors we know that closure is a very important part of the grief process and we encourage consideration before a final decision is reached.

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