Personal touches


A funeral service is personal. Each and every funeral must be planed and tailored to the individual families needs. We offer a wide range of personal suggestions that may suit you or your family to commemorate the life of your family member or loved one. These are only suggestion and given as a guide, the choice is yours. Here are a few:







  • A photograph may be place on the coffin or entrance to the chapel. A large photo may also be produced by our new technology. This may be placed on an easel
  • A collage of photographs may be placed at the entrance of the chapel
  • Candles may be light as part of the ceremony
  • Flowers may be placed on the casket as part of the service
  • A selection of music may be used to bring back memories during the service
  • A DVD presentation of the deceased life
  • Balloon releases
  • A bag piper or jazz band
  • A memories box can be used for mourners personal thoughts
  • Dove releases
  • A single chair at a the front of the service for the one that has gone.
  • Almost anything that you can think of is available to help celebrate a life
  • Indeed whatever you would like


These are just a few suggestions. In Life Celebration Funerals the service can be completely designed to your individual requirements to commemorate to life of your family member. Life Celebration Funerals allow you complete flexibility in relation to planning of the funeral. Remember these are not non religious services but designed to celebrate to life of your family member or loved one.


When services are conducted by a clergy of particular religious faiths we strongly advise that all personal touches are discussed with your clergy well in advance of the service.

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