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Timing of funeral

At Life Celebration Funerals the funeral service will held at a place and time that you want. We are will never say you to you that we can’t do the funeral at your time. This is not the case at other funeral homes. Provided that the cemetery, crematorium, clergy or celebrant is available so are we. This is a guarantee. We make this point strongly because our experience is that many funeral homes don’t operate this way.


Once all medical or legal documentation has been issued a family is free to book the funeral. It is important to note that today funerals can be held in a church, crematorium, chapel, park, family home or indeed any suitable location. Evenings or weekends are also available; this can allow mourns to attend at a more suitable time that takes into account busy lifestyles.


Your funeral arranger will discuss the time of the funeral at your personal arrangement conference.

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