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What is a life celebration funeral

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A life should be celebrated. Life Celebration Funerals Sydney are exactly that. Every service is individually and personally designed to reflect and celebrate the life of your family member or loved one. Over the years funeral traditions and customs have changed. The way we say “good bye” is now much more individual. At Life Celebration Funerals Sydney, Parramatta, Castle Hill and Liverpool, every funeral is unique and personalised to each family’s wishes. Life Celebration Funerals services are used by deeply religious families as well as those planning a life style funeral to every detail.   One of the key foundations of Life Celebration Funerals Sydney and Parramatta is care. Care for the ones left behind, care for the deceased and care in the precious task we have been given. As an Australian owned family business we make the funeral the meaningful event that it should be.  

Every life is individual and unique. The way we celebrate that life should reflect that idea. In a Life Celebration Funeral you can plan every aspect of the funeral down to the last detail. These funerals are officiated by one of our approved funeral celebrants or your own celebrant or clergy. Our celebrants are only approved after thorough review and all must have at least 3 years experience.   The Life Celebration funeral may or may not contain religious aspects. This is your decision and to be discussed with your funeral arranger and celebrant. The service focuses on your loved one's life, celebrating the journey that is a life. The funeral is individually planned and very personal.   A Life Celebration Funeral is the 'new' funeral or memorial service. It provides a positive focus on your loved one's life while everyone says their good-byes. It celebrates life instead of dwelling on death. A Life Celebration Funeral is actually an uplifting service and allows people to laugh and/or cry, whatever their preference.   Our funerals reflect the modern style or funerals while respecting traditional values. They allow the personal touches and planning to be included in a funeral that memorialises the life of your loved one or family member and commemorates that journey.


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