Create a Meaningful Life Celebration
Not Just a Ceremony

With our supportive, respectful staff and unique Life Celebration Creation process, you can create a unique farewell experience, one that truly celebrates and commemorates:

  • The life your special person lived.
  • Their beliefs and values.
  • The influences that formed their life.
  • The mark they left on the world.
  • The people they affected over their life.

It doesn’t cost more to say goodbye with style and authenticity. We know how to design and deliver a meaningful farewell experience – one that creates closure and a sense of celebration to balance your natural grief and loss.

Say goodbye with authentic style and real meaning. Call us today on 9683 5456.


Creating Life Celebrations

Meaningful ceremonies that celebrate the life of the person you love, will take careful preparation – but not necessarily huge amounts of extra time and money.

It’s the personal touches that make a big difference. Our caring staff will support and guide you through the Life Celebration Creation process, helping you choose a range of elements, including:

  • The right time
  • The right place
  • The right music
  • Special, meaningful personal touches
  • A meaningful final goodbye

Alternative Times

We offer you the option of planning your Life Celebration from your home, where you are comfortable and in familiar surroundings. You’re also closer to the paperwork, music, diaries and photos that can make the planning process faster and easier.

Our mobile, local funeral director will visit at a time that suits you, to make sure that the planning process works for you.

Of course, many people find neutral ground easier to cope with, so we can provide peaceful, beautiful meeting places in several convenient locations around Sydney.


Meaningful Venues

Like any social event, you need a certain minimum infrastructure to make it happen. Power for a sound system, lighting that will let a video be visible (an increasingly common way of sharing memories), permission to make sure you don’t have unexpected, unwanted impacts.

But with these basics met, there’s still huge scope for creating a truly authentic celebration in a place that holds personal meaning.

Some of the places we’ve held amazing celebrations include:

  • In parks and gardens
  • By the beach
  • In homes and backyards
  • In our historic, peaceful chapels
  • In crematoriums and cemeteries
  • Places of special significance

Unique Coffins And Caskets

The coffin matters. Without a coffin or casket, you have a memorial service, not a funeral.

The coffin is a focal point for your goodbyes – a physical presence that enables your Life Celebration Funeral to deliver a sense of closure and farewell to all participants.

In addition to traditional designs in timber and MDF coffins and caskets, we offer cardboard, solid pine (from renewable plantations) and even wicker.

The Lifeart and Expressions range comes in various colours and designs. They can be decorated with attractive designs or personal images, from kid’s artwork to a favourite sport or sports team.

In some celebrations, plain painted coffins have been used, with family and participants decorating the coffin or writing farewell messages on it.

Burial Or Cremation

Most people just assume that cremation is the only real, affordable option today – which isn’t necessarily so.

There is still ample land available for burial purposes in the Sydney Metropolitan area. Currently graves in New South Wales have security of use by the owners. That means graves are not reused.

While cremation can seem cheaper, if you include further memorial costs at the crematorium, the cost of burial can become comparable.

There are also more options for burial than most people are aware of. Burial may be on family farms, private property or at sea. Green burials – under trees in a forest – are now also available in NSW.

If cremation is the best choice, ash scattering can be done in a range of authentic ways and places.



Music is one of those special things that can instantly take us to another place or time in our life, so it can quickly evoke memories of your special person in a way that words might not.

Think broadly about your choice of music, from Mozart to Elvis to Snoop Dog – or even bird call recordings for a nature lover.

It’s worth thinking beyond recorded music. Over the years, we’ve included a range of live music in our celebrations, from family vocalists to jazz bands and bagpipes.

Cultural And Religious Recognition

Australia is a colourful, complex mix of cultures and people – and Sydney is a hugely diverse city with people of many faiths, cultures and geographic backgrounds.

For many people, their culture and religion are still significant, even if they’ve moved away from formal religious participation.

Our decades of experience serving this vibrant city mean we have a wealth of experience, venue knowledge and cultural understanding.We have access to a range of appropriate venues and chapels that accept different cultural practices.

We can help you acknowledge culture with just the right level of tactful recognition appropriate to your family and community.

Our experience includes traditional cultural services in many faiths, and we have formulated ways to adapt services to be relevant to the present. Examples are:

  • Catholic funeral services
  • Christian funerals
  • Hindu funeral arrangements
  • Chinese Buddhist funeral services
  • Greek funeral arrangements
  • Orthodox funerals


Photos And Videos

Photographs are a common form of remembrance, and can be used in many formats.

Individual photos can be placed on the coffin or in the entrance way. Large format photos are now increasingly feasible with new image technology options.

Collages of photos are another option, whether done by a family member with paper photos and drawing pins, or produced digitally with the help of an experienced designer.

Increasingly, families and friends choose to create electronic presentations of their favourite photos and videos to reflect the life of their special person.

Personal Remembrances

During the ceremony, there can be other ways of acknowledging your special person.

Some choose to place an empty favourite chair of their loved one to represent their absence.

A keepsake memory box can also be a way to collect and keep tokens and small treasures of your loved one.

Your chosen celebrant will have deep experience to draw on and can help you choose the best way to share personal memories.


The Final Goodbye

At the end of your life celebration, it will be time for that final goodbye as the coffin leaves.

We will help you create meaning and closure in planning the details of: How the coffin arrives; how it is placed; how it is treated during the celebration; and how the final farewell process is handled.

These individual decisions combine powerfully to create meaning, generate closure and acknowledge the finality of your goodbye.

Coffins can be transported by traditional funeral vehicles – but we’ve also used horse-drawn vehicles, motor bikes, classic Aussie utes and vintage cars to reflect the spirit of the person being farewelled.


The Goodbye Moment

Some people like to create individual goodbyes with single flowers placed on the coffin, or to have close family and friends sign a plain white coffin.

The way the coffin leaves truly signifies farewell, so making it special can be done with balloon releases, a single piper or doves.


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