Organising a Goodbye

With Our Support, We Will Help You Create
A True Life Celebration

You’ll probably only organise a funeral once or twice in your life – and it’s likely to be at a time when you’re overwhelmed with grief and loss.

Our committed staff have decades of experience in creating and delivering authentic life celebrations, so you will have:

  • Total support, respect and caring to help you cope with the loss you’re experiencing.
  • A flexible, sympathetic funeral arrangement process where you are fully supported by our skilled funeral directors, arrangers and celebrants.
  • Real service throughout your funeral arrangements – service that happens where you need it, when you need it.
  • The opportunity to create an authentic, meaningful life celebration – one that brings closure and good memories to balance your natural grief and loss.

We’re available 24/7 to support you through the process of saying a meaningful goodbye with authenticity and respect. Call us now on 9683 5456.


Getting Started

Even if the death you are dealing with was expected and the funeral was pre-paid, it’s not very often that it was pre-planned. A very focused process is required to make sure that final goodbyes can be said sooner rather than later – and said beautifully – with meaning, authenticity and respect.

Once you’ve chosen the funeral director whom you trust to care for you and for your special person, the planning process begins.

  1. We assign your personal Funeral Arranger, so that you will have one person to help you, guide you and answer all your questions with sympathy, respect and deep understanding.
  2. We meet with you for a Funeral Arrangement Conference, held as soon as is feasible. At Life Celebration Funerals, this Conference is held where it suits you – at your home, at a community location or at one of our peaceful offices.
  3. The Funeral Arrangement Conference will take 1-2 hours, and cover a wide range of legal, administrative and event planning areas. One key area is the choice of the Celebrant who will design every aspect of the actual service with you – creating a ceremony that celebrates and commemorates the life your special person lived.
  4. After the Funeral Arrangement Conference, you will move on to meeting with your celebrant and planning the service: collecting and collating stories, memories and photos; choosing music, and designing your Life Celebration.
  5. Meanwhile your personal Funeral Arranger will deal with the paperwork, the legal requirements and the logistics.

Plan From Home

We offer you the option of planning your Life Celebration from your home, where you are comfortable and in familiar surroundings. You’re also closer to the paperwork, music, diaries and photos that can make the planning process faster and easier.

Our mobile, local funeral director will visit at a time that suits you, to make sure that the planning process works for you.

Of course, many people find neutral ground easier to cope with, so we can provide peaceful, beautiful meeting places in several convenient locations around Sydney.

The Funeral
Arrangement Conference

Your Funeral Arrangement Conference will cover everything about the funeral process from timing, clothing and venue to celebrant, location, coffin and printing.

Especially when it’s held after a person’s death, a Funeral Arrangement Conference is an intense 1 ½ to 2 hours of planning and organisation.


How to prepare

Your personal Funeral Arranger will guide and support you throughout the planning process. It will be useful to bring –
or have to hand:

  • Information to complete the death certificate, if possible. In NSW, it usually takes 4 weeks to obtain a death certificate, which is then essential for estate administration. The information required is detailed and crosses multiple generations and situations.
    Read more here…
  • The clothes that your special person will be dressed in for their final journey.
  • Any information you have about what your loved one wanted and the communities they were part of over their life.

What Will Be Discussed

Your Funeral Arranger will help you decide on the overall nature and flow of your
Life Celebration, as well as the practicalities. Discussion will include:

A Single or Multiple Ceremony Process?

Will you celebrate in a favourite place, and then move to a cemetery? Will you simply say goodbye from the ceremony’s venue? Will some want to attend a planned cremation? Perhaps a private family funeral then a later public memorial?

The Location of the Ceremony.

Where will it be most meaningful to celebrate your loved one’s life? For some, it’s still in their church or our funeral home chapel. For many people today, the right location is one with personal significance, so we’ve helped them organize celebrations in sports clubs, by the beach, or in a much-loved back yard.

The Timing of the Ceremony.

Both in terms of the date and the time of day. In this increasingly complex world, we’re not going to hold you to “office hours”. We’ll work with you to select a time that meets your needs, your family’s needs, and your community.

Viewings of the Body.

Some people want or need (and some cultures demand) an open coffin or opportunities for individual goodbyes. We can support you and help you come to the right decision.

Burial or Cremation?

And if it’s a burial – where and how? Today there are a whole range of burial possibilities as well as cremation. Our extensive experience in the funeral industry means that we understand and can deliver a wide range of uncommon and culturally appropriate services.

Coffin or Casket Selection.

We stock a range of both coffins and caskets suited to a variety of cultures. We can also supply a range of highly sustainable wicker and cardboard alternatives to traditional timber. If you want a non-standard item or colour, it may take up to 3 days to customise an item – but it can be time well worth investing.

Your Celebrant for the Ceremony.

You can choose your own celebrant for your Life Celebration. If you don’t know someone you want, we’ve carefully selected exceptionally talented people who understand and create ceremonies that are true Life Celebrations. They come from all works of life: social workers, carers, the funeral industry and former clergy. Each one has a common wish to help families at life’s most difficult time and the ability to create an authentic Life Celebration.

Key Elements of the Ceremony

Discussion re the planning of key elements of the ceremony, such as music, eulogies, videos, memory boards and personal forms of commemoration. Your chosen celebrant will be the key person ensuring an authentic celebration, but there are tasks that only family can do. With an early understanding you can be collecting ideas and material in preparation for meeting with your chosen celebrant.

Press Notices and Announcements.

There are many ways to let people know about the funeral today – how will it work best for your family, friends and community? Please note that we have a page on our website dedicated to assisting families with details of our up and coming celebrations. See it here.

The Family Tasks

The family tasks to be organised, which typically include: preparation of a video of visual memories; music selection; selection of pictures for display; order of service finalisation; provision of clothing; bookings of any items being done by the family directly; specific personal touches.

Other Details

Other details such as transport, embalming, eulogies, music and final disposition may also be on the agenda, depending on your family, culture, timeframe and location specifics.

The Sky’s the Limit

Over years of delivering true life celebrations, we’ve built the know-how and the contacts to organise just about anything, from permits for special locations to string quartets and fire twirlers.??We can tailor any farewell celebration to deliver your ideal meaningful, authentic goodbye in a surprisingly short time.

You may find your Funeral Arrangement Conference will be intense – and you will have all the time, the support and the deep-understanding you need to make good decisions at this most difficult time.

We are always available to support you in funeral planning. We don’t have “office hours” – we are here to serve you when you require support. When you are in need, we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.



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