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"Dear Chris & staff, thank you so much for your kindness, respect & support. You’re simply too kind. Funeral arrangements are so difficult. You & your staff handled yourselves so well.The service for my mum was beautiful. "

Kindest regards,



Don’t let grief, stress and exhaustion rob you of a real goodbye

Too many funeral offerings today are still stuck in the 20th century.

They come in 100 shades of black, with black suits, black coffins and black cars. Too often, they’re delivered in quiet voices and unconnected venues, pieced together from stock scripts from traditional platitudes.

Many put their focus on mourning loss rather than celebrating a life well lived. A Life Celebration Funeral will provide you with memories to cherish and real closure, not just “a nice funeral”.

If you want more than mourning for your special person, contact us now.


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