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When You Want To Celebrate
A Life And Not Mourn A Loss

Guaranteed To Leave You With The
Most Precious Of Memories


Give Them A Celebration Send Off, One They Deserve.

Why settle for a tired, old-fashioned funeral when what they would have wanted was a celebration of their life.

Celebrate the life of your special person instead. Remember what you love and value most about them. Make your last gift to them a modern, meaningful ceremony that says farewell, adieu and thank you. When you choose a life celebration funeral, you’re choosing to:

  • Honour the unique spirit of the person you love
  • Celebrate their life at a time that works for you, in a place that’s special to you
  • Say a meaningful farewell with warmth, light and love
  • Create a uniquely personal ceremony that will live in everyone’s memory
  • Acknowledge and include your culture, values and beliefs
  • Focus on creating a life celebration with your family and friends while our experts manage the practical arrangements and the legal necessities.

Celebrating a life doesn’t need to cost any more than mourning a loss – and you’ll know that you’ve done everything that you could to acknowledge their gifts to you.



"Dear Chris & staff, thank you so much for your kindness, respect & support. You’re simply too kind. Funeral arrangements are so difficult. You & your staff handled yourselves so well.The service for my mum was beautiful. "

Kindest regards,


A Beautiful Funeral That Won’t
Break The Finances.

We know what it’s like when a loved one passes. The grief and pressures to organise the right funeral, an appropriate funeral, is all that matters.

You’ll generally only organise a funeral once or twice in your life – most likely at a time when you’re in the grip of stress, grief, loss and exhaustion. You’re also likely to have only 3-7 days to do it. It’s a big ask.

Under these pressures, you may not realise just how personal and meaningful a true life celebration ceremony could be – or that creating this special ceremony doesn’t have to be any more demanding or expensive than a traditional funeral.

With the support of our expert planners and celebrants, you can quickly create a ceremony that’s more than a funeral. You can create a special event that honours and celebrates your special person – one where you recognise the best of them – their life, their loves, their joys, their values and their achievements.

Your Life Celebration Funeral will create a deep sense of closure and acknowledgement as well as the opportunity to laugh, grieve and say a truly special goodbye. Leave with happy memories as well as tears.


Where We Specialise

  • Meaningful ceremonies
  • Alternative venues
  • Unusual times
  • Individual touches
  • Modern and traditional funerals
  • Alternative coffins and caskets
  • Celebrations of a life well lived
  • Memorable farewells
  • Uncommon burials
  • Unique personal commemorations
  • Tactful, relevant cultural recognition

Why Choose ‘Life Celebration Funerals’

The world has changed a lot in the past 20 years. We’re more individual, multicultural, accepting and also far less formally religious than ever before.At the same time, the process of dying has become far more institutional. It’s largely moved out of the home and into medical environments that sometimes cut us off from the special people we’re losing.

So it’s particularly important at the end of a life to reconnect with the person leaving – to find ways to celebrate their identity and their lived experience. It’s time for a new approach to farewells – and we’re leading the way with celebrations focused on commemorating a life well lived.

We believe that a personal ceremony – held in a loved location, at a convenient time, using their music and culture – creates a truly personal ritual that enables a real

goodbye. Since we started this new approach in 2014, we’ve explored a broad range of locations, burial styles, cultures and new farewell rituals, from flowers and doves to incense and barbeques.

A Good Goodbye Really Matters

What we’ve seen is the real difference that an authentic goodbye makes to those left behind. A Life Celebration Funeral creates real closure – with laughter as well as tears – because we create good memories, not just a sense of loss.

At Life Celebration Funerals, we believe that there are better ways to say goodbye and thank you. You can create a Life Celebration Funeral service that is individual, personal and relevant to your special person and to your cherished memories.


"Dear Chris & staff, thank you so much for your kindness, respect & support. You’re simply too kind. Funeral arrangements are so difficult. You & your staff handled yourselves so well.The service for my mum was beautiful. "

Kindest regards,



How It Works

1 – You choose us to direct your Life Celebration Funeral.

2 – We meet in an effective, well- structured Arrangement Conference that takes 1-2 hours – where it suits you, when it suits you.

3 – You meet with the celebrant or clergy person of your choice and refine the details of the ceremony.

4 – You and fellow family/friends work on your part of the preparations.

5 – An optional viewing (an important goodbye step for many).

6 – The funeral service day, when your unique Life Celebration Funeral takes place.


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Your Support Team

We’ve been helping families and friends in and around Sydney to create unique life celebrations since 2014. To do this, we brought together an experienced team who know how to make special ceremonies that work.

Our people want to do more than repeat a traditional formula. They’re people who love to serve at a difficult time – and they share the bigger goal of celebrating the lives of those they work with.

With our staff at your side, it’s easy to create special experiences that work, creating closure and good memories while enabling real mourning and letting go.

Our celebrants, planners and support staff are experts with extensive experience in the funeral industry. What they have in common is a desire to make every funeral a special event.

You’ll Get A True Celebration With Their Wealth Of Experience And Understanding Of Alternatives That You May Never Have Known Existed:

  • Alternative locations
  • Alternative commemorations
  • Alternative coffins and caskets
  • Alternative cultures
  • Alternatives for burial and cremation

You won’t just get a standard list of over-used readings, poems and music. Your planner and celebrant will help you bring together your ideas and create a unique, personal, memorable life celebration.

Don’t let grief, stress and exhaustion rob you of a real goodbye

Too many funeral offerings today are still stuck in the 20th century.

They come in 100 shades of black, with black suits, black coffins and black cars. Too often, they’re delivered in quiet voices and unconnected venues, pieced together from stock scripts from traditional platitudes.

Many put their focus on mourning loss rather than celebrating a life well lived. A Life Celebration Funeral will provide you with memories to cherish and real closure, not just “a nice funeral”.

If you want more than mourning for your special person, contact us now.


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