“Dear Chris & staff, thank you so much for your kindness, respect & support. You’re simply too kind. Funeral arrangements are so difficult. You & your staff handled yourselves so well.The service for my mum was beautiful. “

Kindest regards,


“Dear Chris, with much appreciation. We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all you did regarding mum’s recent funeral. All aspects of the viewing and service went so smoothly and were a great comfort to mum’s family and friends.
P.S Frances was fantastic. Please give her our thanks.”

With much gratitude,

Janice & Bil

Thank you so very much for a wonderful professional service you arranged for me + my daughter Joanne, plus my son William… my family commented plus my friends also mentioned to me as to the beautiful service we arranged for my husband Ron…

Joanne, William and Ron

Dear Frances, thank you for completing everything for us in such a professional and gracious way. You must be so looking forward to the Melbourne trip and a few days away. Take care, and we will be in touch.

Best wishes,


On behalf of my family and I, would like to say a huge thank you to for my mother’s funeral service. At such a difficult time, they were so thoughtful, caring and took care of everything to make sure my family’s and late mother’s wishes were met. A special mention to Frances who went above and beyond and helped us with all our concerns and queries. I Highly for their exceptional and professional service.

Kind regards,

Miladinovic family

Dear Chris, many thanks for your special care and the recent sad times. Your help + professionalism have eased our sadness. We regard you as almost a member of our small family.


Jay & Andrew Brown

Dear Chris, we would like to thankyou for all your help in organising mum’s funeral. Please also extend our thanks to all your staff who assisted in the entire process.
Kind regards,

Belcastro family

Dear Chris & staff, thank you so much for your kindness, respect & support. You’re simply too kind. Funeral arrangements are so difficult. You & your staff handled yourselves so well. The service for my mum was beautiful.

Kindest regards,


Dear Chris,

I hope the enclosed gift is accepted. It cannot fully express my sincere thanks for all you have done to assist me in effecting John’s funeral. After he died I was very concerned to have an appropriate remembrance for him but knowing the limitation of our funds I did not think I could achieve that. You were especially kind & generous with all charges

Client Testimonial

My mother Una & siblings would like to thank you for the lovely way in which you & Susan, helped us all celebrate Bas’s life.

Kind regards,

Janet Cox (daughter)

Thank you very much on behalf of all my family for your kindness, support, caring nature and wonderful professionalism that you showed to all of us at this difficult time, it was greatly appreciated. Once again thank you so very much.

Kind regards,


Dear Chris, please find enclosed a cheque for the funeral expenses for dad. Thank you for all your help over the four weeks. You certainly made a hard time a lot easier. I don’t know how Debbie and I could have managed without you.


Hi Chris, it’s Jason B here, I was just going through my emails and I was not sure if I officially thanked you on behalf of all my family and friends for your assistance in organising my father, jack’s burial I know it was a while back but I’ve been trying to get on top of things so I haven’t been online much lately. It was handled very professionally, and we were all very happy with the way it all flowed. So thankyou very much.

Jason B

Dear Chris, thankyou so much for spending time with our trainee funeral presiders. Your time and guidance had a profound impact in removing some of the gear and mystery of what happens at a crematorium.

Each of the participants have expressed a greater degree of confidence in dealing with death and grieving people, as well as an interest in working more helpfully with funeral directors in the future.

The students also asked for their thanks to be passed on to the family of the gentleman we viewed on Wednesday.
Our thanks again to yourself and your organisation. I hope to be in touch to see whether we can arrange a similar experience for next year’s group.

Yours sincerely,

Rev Bron Murphy

To Chris & your team, wishing you a purr-fect Christmas. Danny of the cats (all twelve of them!) (P.S.) Thanks again for all your work to make the passing of mum easier.


Dear Chris & Frances, many thanks for making a difficult day a little less so.

Client Testimonial

Hi Chris, thank you so much for all you and your staff have done to help me make Barry’s Celebration of his life so memorable. So many people here said it was the best they have ever been to, starting from how they dressed, the laughter, tears, signing of the beach box (as I liked to call it).

Many thanks,


Dear Chris, I sincerely wanted to thank you for my darling husband Brae’s funeral – which you conducted in a most personal and professional manner.
The service was certainly a fitting tribute to Brae’s life – I am most grateful, as it was everything & wanted for me Brae. I also appreciated your special allowance Chris.

Most sincerely,

Francie Donney

Special thanks to Susan. You are the best celebrant I have ever seen. Many people love what you have done for George. Thankyou, love,


Dear Chris timmins and Susan Gavran. What you have done for our family and George. It’s so wonderful, every single one. Love it. Thankyou very much
What you did was lovely and deserve special praise, it was loving, kind and generous in oh so many ways!

Thank you very much!


Dear Chris, thankyou for making us feel so at ease & comfortable. It really meant so much.
From the

Campbell Family, Karen, Alexandra, Matt & Patricia

To Chris and Frances, thank you both for your kind and professional support. Our family had wanted a modest, but meaningful service for our late father, Ray. You didn’t let us down. The service was dignified and possessed an understated elegance that provided some comfort to Ray’s family. Your advice + suggestions throughout this time have been greatly appreciated, and most helpful.

Thank you, and kind regards on behalf of

Ray’s family, Jennifer

Dear Chris, my family & I thank you most sincerely for advising and arranging Len’s Funeral Service and Burial last Monday – I know we probably caused you some stress but everything went perfectly and I am sure Len would have approved.

Please convey our sincere thanks and appreciation to Rev. Fischer – we have received sp many messages all saying what a lovely service it was (some have told us it was the nicest service they had been to) and I am sure it was because of Rev Fischer’s touching and sensitive wording. He spoke as if he had known the Family for years and the final message to help us look forward, appreciate and be thankful we shared and enjoyed having Len, Dad & Pa in our lives.

We also appreciated you organising the Caprice hearse – that was important to us. It was also a nice tribute having the silver Caprice on the screen, I don’t know who arranged that but thank you.

Many thanks Chris, your Dad would be proud of you too.

Kind regards,

Diana Mahony

Dear Chris, thank you for all of your good work and advice, it was much appreciated.

Jean, Greg & Alan. Barnes

Dear Frances and Chris, thank you for making dads funeral easy and smooth. You did a great job & it was noted by many. We all appreciate your kindness.

Amanda & the Gunn family

Frances, please accept this card as a small token of my and my brother’s appreciation for the kind and respectful way you assisted us with the passing of our brother Ray.
You are a credit to Life Celebration Funerals and your generosity in spirit as a wonderful trait.
Please also pass on our thanks to Michael and staff who were the last to care for our brother.

Thank you,


Dear Chris & staff, on behalf of our Aunt Vera’s extended family, we would like to express our thanks for all your assistance in making this sad occasion pass with minimum stress and maximum professionalism.

Vera deserved the dignity and respect shown on that day and we are all so grateful to you.

Should the occasion arise, we will have no hesitation in recommending your services. Your good care helped ease our pain on that very sad day.

Yours sincerely,

Lesley Adams (+Lyn Knight)

Dear Chris, firstly thank you and Emma for the flowers that you sent us last Thursday – it was a beautiful arrangement. I would also like to thank you for all your help last week arranging mum’s funeral. Your professionalism and sensitivity really assisted Dad and me through a difficult time.



Dear Chris, thanks so much for the brilliant job you and your men did for Mollie. We all felt it was a perfect burial for her and appreciate your warmth and generosity.


Jonathan Shaw (Penny’s paster)

Dear Chris, for services, very well performed!! Hope you don’t mind an old-fashioned cheque – it’s just a bit fiddly today direct debt at this point in time. Hope we don’t have to cross paths again soon – if you know what I mean.

Regards from us all,


Dear Chris, I would like to thank you for the organising of Mum’s service. It all went very smoothly which is exactly what is needed at such a difficult time for the family. Your professionalism and attention to detail was excellent. Susan, as always, spoke beautifully and was such a pleasure to work with while organising the ‘Order of Service’. The printing of the addition photo of Hawkesbury River made it that more special.

Thanks again,


To Frances, thank you so much for your kindness. Thankyou for all your help + support through this hard time.


Regina & family

Dear Chris, Frances & Michael,

The death of my beloved brother, Richard, alone in a motel room having just moved out of his home of decades, looking forward to his new life in Northern NSW had nothing to it in my memory, except for one thing; the absolutely beautiful funeral you gave him. That is what I think about and I could not describe what a consolation it is to me to have that imprinted on my mind as an overlay hiding me from everything else that was so negative.
Thank you!

I said in my earlier email that I was almost astonished at how well you prepared Richard for viewing; he looked so natural, and at peace with absolutely no sign of the facial make-up you had applied so skilfully. Much appreciated the combination of the practical, and thoughtfulness that you offered us throughout this. That made the whole experience go smoothly and we could relay confidence that all was in hand and that we had nothing to worry about. I am grateful for so many things: your suggestion of the beautiful Waterways chapel; your provision of the lovely Deakin Anthony who spoke so helpfully and me; the fact that Richards death

Client Testimonial

Yesterday I attended workmate Don Allavis’ funeral service, conducted by your company. What a useful & comforting experience it was for me – from the initial greeting at the door, to the sensitive & useful (again) thoughts of the celebrant, finishing with your conductor’s kind strength.
Thank you,



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